Consignment Procedure

Getting started:

  • Schedule an appointment to come in: We will go over what we are currently accepting when you call for your appointment.
  • Bringing in your merchandise: We ask that everything be freshly laundered, on hangers and in ready to sell condition.
  • Your appointment: - We will let you know how much time we will need in order to process your consignment (based on how many items you bring in- 20 items maximum). You can browse through our store, sit and wait or come back within the hour. - We take your items to our consignment room in the back and check for condition to determine if they are suitable for sale. Those that are not will be immediately returned to you.
  • Contract: We ask you to read, fill out, and sign our contract. You will get a copy of this before you leave and we will answer any questions you have.
  • Within 5-7 days, you will receive an itemized list of everything you’ve consigned with the selling price. Please see “How we price” for more information.
  • Please understand that if we cannot consign an item, it is never personal. It’s based on four main criteria: label, condition, age and current demand.

How we price:

  • We do extensive research to determine the current resale value.
  • We price to sell. You don’t want it back! Consignors with competitive prices end up taking less home and earning more money.
  • As a general rule of thumb, consignment items are priced approximately 50-75% off retail.  However, we take many things into consideration such as demand. 
    Example:  We understand that you may have paid $220 for those bootleg jeans that are still NWT. However, they are not the current trend and are harder to sell at this time. If they are accepted for consignment, they will be priced accordingly.
    Example:  You paid $140 on sale for a top that is NWT, that sold out within hours when you bought it. It’s so highly coveted; we may sell it for the sale price you paid.


What to expect from consignment in a nutshell

  • 60 day consignment
  • 50/50 split up to $500, 70/30 split for items over $501
  • We accept and price things based on 4 main criteria; Label, Condition, Age and Current demand
  • By appointment only: Tuesdays 12-4 and Thursdays 1-6
  • Walk ins ONLY on WEDNESDAYS 12-4
  • We communicate through email (consignment list, pricing, pick up etc)
  • Please look at your items carefully for defects and stains. If we don’t take something you bring in, it’s never personal.

Consignment intake calendar:

  • Spring: Mid February to mid May -Transitional item such as lightweight sweaters in brighter colors, spring jackets, etc
  • Summer: Mid May- Mid June -Shorts, tanks, sandals, straw bags/hats, linen items etc
  • Fall: Mid August- Mid October -Transitional items such as lightweight wool sweaters, puffer vests, boots, etc.
  • Winter: Mid October to Mid January -Heavy coats, chunky sweaters, fur lined boots, winter hats etc…

    * Formal wear is accepted January through March